One of the things on my to-do list was to have a photography session for our family, and design our christmas card. I have recently been wondering if I should start sending out an e-card for Christmas instead of a real physical card… I love receiving them cards in the mail, and save all the photo cards that I receive, but wonder how many actually like receiving them as much as I do. Do you still send out Christmas cards to your friends and family? And if you do, which printing companies do you love?

Here’s ours for this year, and I’m really excited because this is the first christmas card that I’ve actually done everything, from being the photographer to being the graphic designer! It was a last minute decision to head out this weekend (as we had surprisingly nice weather) so we all got somewhat dressed and headed to Hendrick’s Park for a quick photo session. It was more fun than we expected! I never realized my husband would be so funny behind the camera and the kids were so cooperative because they had more control over where we should stand to what poses would be fun to try. They even picked the location, and totally impressed me with their choice! I’m thrilled with the photos, as it’s been a while since we’ve done family photos. I’m looking forward to the holiday season!