When I first became a mother, I worried about getting through the baby years, and then the toddler period… that all went by so quickly! The next thing I knew, my kids were graduating from elementary school, and heading into middle school. Having not grown up in America, I worried incessantly about how that would go. But I really didn’t need to worry – they both transitioned gracefully, and are really enjoying middle school. My oldest just recently turned 13, and I used to worry about what the teenager years would be like (can you tell from reading that I’m a little bit of a worrier). But let me tell you, all the stages of growth are fun – and my daughter has once again proved that all my worrying was for naught. She is fun, smart, strong and beautiful. As parents we enjoy her immensely, and getting to know her as her own person and supporting who she is something we are grateful for.