New campus, new website!

Last year, I had the opportunity to work with Roosevelt Middle School on a new and updated website. This academic year was an exciting one as they moved into a brand new campus!  With the new move, I thought an update to their website was appropriate. Check it out!

Photo credit: Benjamin Benschneider


This is what the website looked like when I first started working on it:


I am so appreciative for a good public school and I have to say that Roosevelt Middle School has far exceeded my expectations! My older daughter has had a wonderful experience after two years at the school, and I’m excited for my younger one to start at RMS!

The beauty of a ballerina against a beautiful sunset

I recently had the pleasure of working with a beautiful ballerina who is my daughter’s classmate. Her mother and I had talked about a photography session showcasing her love for ballet in a natural setting. The perfect day with clouds on a sunny day. My oldest daughter, Linde and I hiked up our local mountain, Spencer Butte to take in the sights as well as to work on some photos for Linde. What we achieved was pretty amazing as the light was perfect! I hope to be able to have another session of her soon… but in the meantime enjoy these!


The light was golden and warm – we were thrilled!









After the sun went down, we couldn’t resist staying up on the mountain to see if we could get a few more during the blue hour.




In the life of a gymnast – part 1

These girls, along with the other girls on their team, and their coaches work incredibly hard everyday at their sport, without complaint. This collection of images will hopefully show their determination, courage, spirit, perseverance, and commitment to the sport. Each girl brings their own strengths and personality to the team, all adding to the group as a whole.

I hope to continue to capture these images of what life in a gymnastics gym is like for these girls and their coaches. So be on the lookout for more to come!
















What’s in my bag

My supportive hubby recently asked me if there was a lens I was wanting to add to my collection (I think he was needing christmas present ideas)… so I decided to take a good look at what I do have in terms of camera equipment. Meet my faithful team…


  1. My faithful, one and only (currently I’m in a monogamous relationship) camera body – the 6D. It has a full frame sensor, and was an upgrade from the 60D I had previously. I love it so much! Someday, I’d like to compare it with a Mark III or a Mark IV – but that’s not in the cards for me yet.
  2. My nifty-fifty mighty little one – the Canon 50mm prime lens. I love this lens with all my heart. Never actually realized how much I love this lens until I dropped it. It was a really sad day for me, but luckily, Canon was able to fix it, so I’m happy again. This lens seldom leaves my camera, but every so often I choose a zoom over this for a little more flexibility. Upside of this lens – gorgeous bokeh when shooting wide open, pretty sharp (I’ve read that the Canon’s L series 50mm is a little sharper at 1.4-1.8 but is also a heavier lens with a heftier price tag).
  3. The 70-200 L series 4.0 zoom lens. I really do love this lens for portraits. It has produces gorgeous images SOOC (straight-out-of-camera), and gives me the flexibility of movement during portrait shoots. When families are playing and moving while on a shoot, it allows me to pull away or draw them in. It is not the 2.8 version of this lens – something I think I need, but I also know that it is almost double the weight of this lens. While somewhat heavy compared to my 50mm, it is still comfortable to carry for an hour-long hike, which I really appreciate.
  4. My wide angle “drama” lens – the Canon 17-40mm L series. I’ve also just started learning how to use this lens. I love being able to grab a whole scene in one click. However this lens is not ideal for portraits (especially close-ups) as there is quite a bit of distortion and gives you a fish-eye lens effect on a close up of someones face.
  5. The 28-135 Canon lens that came as a kit lens with my 60D body. I need to try out this lens again, and am debating selling it since I’ve become somewhat uppity with my lens choices. I should really give it a fair try again, and my guess is it will be a great lens to travel with – offering a lot of versatility with it’s zoom, and it’s price tag is a lot less hefty than some of my other lenses (so I won’t be as devastated should something happen to it).
  6. The 75-300 IS USM zoom lens that my husband got for me awhile back, but I have yet to use it enough to have a good opinion about it.  But I’m committed to giving it a good try.

I will have to go through my photos and add photos as examples for each of these lenses – it is to satisfy my own curiosity as well!  Till the next post, keep shooting with what you’ve got!  It’s you who makes the image, not just your camera!