Welcome to my journal where I share recent work on design, photography, and just general musings.


A connection between mother and daughter

As a photographer, I get to witness the beauty in relationships mothers often have with their daughters. I treasure, and hold so dear, my relationship with my own daughters. It is my hope that I will be the mother they need, their biggest fan and supporter in everything they do. That they will alway

Indoor Maternity Session

My dear friend who was at about 38 weeks called me and asked if I could squeeze in a session for her, and my schedule was open! We planned to do it the next day, and prayed for the sun to come out! Lo and behold, we had the most beautiful light streaming in through her bedroom windows and we decided

Heather | Senior Class of 2018

My daughters and I have known Heather for several years now, and as they say, time flies by too quickly. She was on the USGA team when my daughters joined (8 years ago). She then got a job coaching at the gym after she started high school. While working up to 14 hours at the gym, she managed to be a

Maternity Photography Session

Maternity sessions are so special, and I have to say, expecting mothers are so beautiful! Laurel and Dave are such a wonderful couple, and I'm so excited to meet Hazel when she arrives! We met late in the afternoon, to catch the beautiful light of our fall session. It was a fun and laid back session


New campus, new website!

Last year, I had the opportunity to work with Roosevelt Middle School on a new and updated website. This academic year was an exciting one as they moved into a brand new campus!  With the new move, I thought an update to their website was appropriate. Check it out! Photo credit: Benjamin Benschnei

Online proofing gallery

Since becoming interested in photography, I've wanted a way to share galleries with clients. After doing some research, I decided to try Pixieset and have been extremely pleased so far. I have been using it mainly for clients to view their galleries, and do not use it for selling prints yet. It pr


A wine label for Five Fourteen Vineyards

Marie had reached out to me to help design a wine label for their first production of Pinot Noir. They had two offerings - a Pinot Noir Reserve and Pinot Noir Estate. Marie had a clear vision, and it has been such a pleasure working with her! It has been an exciting process, to start from scratch an

Christmas card design for 2016

One of the things on my to-do list was to have a photography session for our family, and design our christmas card. I have recently been wondering if I should start sending out an e-card for Christmas instead of a real physical card... I love receiving them cards in the mail, and save all the photo


Christmas card designs for 2017

I look forward every year to designing our christmas card. I think of it as a gift for the holidays when I send it out to family all over the world. I so enjoy receiving christmas cards every year in the mail. This year, I have actually helped a couple of families design their christmas cards with p

A portrait of a teenager

When I first became a mother, I worried about getting through the baby years, and then the toddler period... that all went by so quickly! The next thing I knew, my kids were graduating from elementary school, and heading into middle school. Having not grown up in America, I worried incessantly about