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Photography allows me to tell your personal stories - whether you're just starting out in your relationship, or have a family that you love to pieces - I would love to capture the beauty of the relationships that make you who you are. My photography style is about connection, between husband and wife, parents and children. I want to create images that reflect you and your life in the moment. My hope is to create images that are meaningful, and beautiful, and that will hopefully be cherished for a lifetime. 


I like keeping it simple with lots of laughs and snuggles. I will direct you + your family to interact with each other and ignore that I'm even there.  I will get in close and try my absolute best to capture the way things feel in the short time we are together. It is a mixture of journalistic, lifestyle approach as well as surreal fine-art. I won’t ask you to all stand and look at the camera; rather, I ask you to interact with each other and let things be the way they are. We'll run, jump, laugh and play and do what your family does best - having fun!  Let me do the work of capturing the magic.

After we pick a date and time for your session, we'll chat so I can understand what your family likes to do together, what locations you might have in mind, and if in your home - what your home is like. Depending on your responses, I may develop a loose game plan for your session... But that most often changes based on the light in your home and the whims of your children, and that's OK! There's no such thing as perfectly behaved children, and a beautifully decorated, spotless home with glorious light.  But it's my job to see it that way.  I'm a mother too, and as I've seen it all, I am confident I can capture the everyday beauty that is YOUR FAMILY.



How will I receive my images? After the photos are edited, I will send you a link to an online gallery where you can view and share the photos with your loved ones. After you've opened your gallery, the link will remain active for 1 month. I save client photos on a hard drive for up to one year. If you should need access to the gallery after your link expired, there is a $50 archival fee.

When will my photos be ready? You can expect your photos within 1-2 weeks. Post processing times may vary during busy seasons, but I will let you know your approximate wait time.

Do you offer prints, or printed products? Yes! You can email me your order, or order directly from your gallery. I try keep prices low and affordable as you will get the best color and quality from a professional lab (as opposed to printing at Target, Costco or Wal-Mart).

If you have more specific questions, please feel free to contact me, or I answer some frequently asked questions about what a family lifestyle session will be like as well as tips for a great session.


When I'm not building websites or designing a new brand for my clients, I'm usually behind my camera trying to preserve memories around me. Photography is my favorite way to tell people's stories and build relationships with those around me. I love getting to be a part of meaningful moments and curating images that will bring joy and memories in the years to come. 

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Photography has widened my lens, and helps me focus on the beauty in the every day moments.  As a lifestyle photographer, I want to capture the moments over poses and photograph you and your loved ones being yourselves.  I’m a visual storyteller and  my hope is to catch that which is so hard to put into words, a memory frozen in time, for you to keep.  So that when you look back at these images you feel the love, the laughter, the connection and the memory.  I pour my heart into my work and want nothing more than to freeze time with you, to create still frames from moments in our lives that are so fleeting.