Natasha Pangburn

the design process


It’s not just about a logo or a pretty website. I want to help you book your ideal client, and grow your business!

What to expect

I work with creative entrepreneurs and small businesses to build design solutions that make a lasting first impression. Some of the services I offer beyond website development and design are:

  • Branding and identity development
  • social media design
  • print advertising

How it works – the basic workflow of what I do when I develop your website or graphic design elements for your business:

  1. We work together to analyze your goals, objectives and visual desires
  2. I help in your site plan development or graphic design development
  3. You provide content via email or dropbox.  Content includes outline, text, and images/video/audio
  4. I begin the creative process and develop the aesthetic and visuals for your website
  5. I also work on building your website (on a test server) or the graphics for your design project
  6. We meet or I send you a link to get your approval of the design & page templates
  7. If there are revisions, we work together to get your website or graphics for your project finalized
  8. After your final review
 and once approved by you, the website goes live. In the case of your design project, once graphics are approved by you, the files will be sent to the printer of your choice.

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